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Bring Your Own Van

More info coming soon, but essentially, bring us your empty or partially converted van, and we will do the rest. Quality work and components in short order and costs that don't make you sweat.

  • What Van Platforms do you work on?
    We convert more Ford Transits than anything else. Sprinters are a close second. Both are awesome and are equally fun to work on.
  • How long does the conversion process take?
    Every van is different, but on average, a full conversion takes between 4-6 weeks. Sometimes there are delays from suppliers that are out of our control that may affect the build duration.
  • Do you work on partially self converted vans?
    We sure do! Drop us a line to see how we can finish up your build in a timely manner.
  • Do you do a Phased approach to builds? (Can we do a little at a time?)
    Yes, we can build your van in stages. Keep in mind, there may be things that need to be built first to allow for smooth transition to additional phases. Sometimes you don't even think about stuff you don't see and therefore don't even know where in the process it should be done. Fun, right?!
  • What is your current lead time?
    Lead times can vary based on the type of van and the extent of the conversion. Small projects may be a few weeks out, while a full conversion is typically 2 months out at this time. You never know though, we might be able to get you in sooner than you think!
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